As a pedagogy that combines academic study with service to a community partner, service-learning links students to the needs of the larger society. Directed-reflection connects what students learn in the classroom with their experience of real-world conditions.

Is Service-Learning for you? Start by asking yourself two questions: What do my students need to know when they finish the course? Can service with a community partner enhance this learning? If the answer is yes, (or even if it is maybe) the OSL can provide support and advisement. The OSL maintains information on course models, using reflection, and funding resources.

Faculty interested in service-learning are welcome to discuss their ideas with the OSL Coordinator, Susan Serra, who will work with you to consider appropriate community partners, serve as liaison with community agencies, provide information on funding resources, and help you think through how directed reflection can be integrated into your syllabus. In addition, faculty can find advice for designating their service-learing course as meeting the discovery learning experience requirement.


Discovery Learning Experience

As part of the Signature Experience at the University of Delaware, all students participate in a Discovery Learning Experience. A Discovery Learning Experience is experiential learning which involves instructional experiences out-of-class and beyond typical curriculum courses. These enrichment experiences exist for students under the supervision of a faculty member. Discovery Learning Experience includes internship, service learning, independent study, undergraduate research, and study abroad.

Faculty Senate Resolution, May 3, 2004

RESOLVED that the University require all undergraduate students entering in September 2005 or later to take at least three credits of Discovery-Based or Experiential Learning - e.g., an internship, a service learning course, an ndependent study, participation in the Undergraduate Research Program or a Study Abroad program - in fulfillment of their degrees.

DLE OSL - A guide for service learning: This document contains DLE learning outcomes and requirements for service-learning courses.

DLE Req Des - To submit a course for DLE Requirement Designation: Use this link and at the bottom of the page follow the instructions under the heading  "How to Submit a Course for the Discovery Learning Experience Designation."